Do You Deserve More? How We Got It All With JT Foxx!

Do you feel like you deserve more out of life?

Craig and I did! But here is the thing, none of us actually deserve more in life. We must BE more in order to HAVE more!


We all get exactly what we need in every given moment based on the growth that we need. That’s right! What you have right now, in this moment, is exactly what you need for your greatest growth.  


The question is, how can you BE more?


The best way to find the answer to this question is to get out of your own head, become mindful and aware of the opportunities that surround you and take action on them. So often, we are stuck inside of our own lives and can not see through the fog to recognize the opportunity that is right in front of us. Opportunity will never come knocking on your door, you have to open your eyes, recognize it and act on it. Without this deliberate awareness and action, you will stay stuck in the fog.


Our journey with JT Foxx…


August 4, 2016 is when the fog cleared from our lives and the vision became clear. This is the day I met JT Foxx for the first time. I had a choice that day…I chose to take action which has opened up opportunity in our lives that we never knew existed. When you take the first step with the right people, a whole new world presents itself with unlimited potential.


Craig and I had been formulating a business idea for six years at the time that I met JT Foxx but we were unsure how to launch the business and grow the brand quickly enough to replace and quickly exceed our corporate income.


In July 2016, I happened to stumble upon a FaceBook Ad from JT Foxx for a MegaSpeaker event in Philadelphia. Given that speaking was a large part of our corporate careers and knowing that we wanted to incorporate that as a large part of our own business someday, I was intrigued by the ad, but like most people, I dismissed it the first time I saw it. After several days of seeing the ad repeatedly, I told Craig how compelled I was to go and we rearranged our family vacation with our five children so that I could attend. I admittedly had no idea what I was getting into, but I just felt that I needed to go and explore the opportunity.


That day it was if JT was speaking directly to me as I sat there, answering all of the questions that I had about starting a business, building a brand, launching, and marketing without me even asking. I was impressed not only by his knowledge and success but the quality of his team of coaches. It was not just about the knowledge they shared, but they way they made me feel. I had a deeper connection with them that solidified my decision to invest in ourselves by bringing his team into our lives to coach us. In the last 10 months, we have gone from idea to international brand. If you had asked us 10 months ago, we would have told you that was impossible.


We had a great idea and just didn’t know what to do with it or how to implement it. In a corporate career, the systems are already in place which gives a level of comfort but when you start your own business, those systems, structure, and comfort are not there. You try to put your best foot forward, but stumble and get scared.


This is where JT, his organization and all of his coaches became critical to our success. We needed to become completely coachable and open ourselves up to the guidance we were getting. It was about understanding if our business idea had legs to run or if it was just a concept we fell in love with that really wasn’t a scalable business. Utilizing JT’s guidance on branding and marketing as well as his blueprint, we put everything in motion. Without the support of the JT Foxx Organization, we would be trying for six more years to get this business going.

Family First…

JT runs his organization with the motto “Family First,” which for us not only defines how we feel we are treated within the organization but extends out to the impact JT has had on our entire family. With five children at home, this transition in our lives has had a tremendous impact on all of us. Our journey with JT has allowed us to show our children that you can break free of the mold that life has put you in and accomplish anything you desire. They have not only seen this in our actions, but we brought our four teenagers with us to Family Reunion in Nov 2016 so that they could experience the #1 business event in the world. They learned more from experiencing four days at this event then they could learn from a lifetime in school. The business and life lessons that they took away will have a greater impact in their lives than anything else we could ever have taken them to. We saw an immediate impact in how they think and what they believe is possible to accomplish in their own lives. They view the world with a whole new set of eyes!


Lessons learned…


JT has taught us several critical concepts that we live by every day:

  1. Be Coachable
  2. Focus is more important than intelligence
  3. Speed of implementation


Here is the bottom line…


When you need direction, JT and his coaches are there to guide you. When you doubt yourself, JT and his coaches believe in you more than you believe in yourself. When you need to be pushed, JT and his coaches are there to hold you accountable. When you need an impartial view of your business, JT and his coaches are there to give you an honest evaluation of the situation and tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear.


The power of JT’s organization also extends beyond his direct influence. His worldwide presence and having over 26,000 entrepreneurs around the world as students, opens up a world of opportunity that you can not find in other organizations and has allowed us to develop partnerships in Norway, Sweden, Australia and the US in just six months.


This level of support, guidance, and accountability has given us the courage, direction and confidence we need to leave our past behind and go full steam ahead into our own brand, Craig and Jenny D, building two of our own businesses, both the No Excuse Workout The Entrepreneurs Edge and Start To Launch, Launch To Millions, How To Quit Your Job and Start Your First Business.


If you believe you deserve more in life, you must become aware, recognize opportunity and take action! It is really that simple. With the right coaching, you can accomplish anything you desire.




  1. Gary Roe on July 13, 2017 at 11:10 am

    This is spot on. I am so inspired by your success story. JT Foxx Mega Speaker is the real deal. All should visit

  2. Radka on July 13, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    JT changes our lives… 🙂 Hope to see you in Los Angeles in November! 🙂

  3. Shadeska Nicolina on July 14, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Great blog Craig and Jenny! I enjoyed reading it and how you did whatever it takes to attend the JT Foxx event! Congratulations on all your successess! Thank you for leaving a comment on my webiste:

  4. Sarah E Morris on July 15, 2017 at 3:42 am

    Craig and Jenny,
    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and the impact JT has had on your lives, businesses, and future! I also am thankful for the opportunity to meet you in March here in DC for JT’s last Mega Speaker event.
    I’m very excited for your future success. #Familyfirst all the way.

    Please check out and enjoy reading about my journey with JT at


  5. Michelle Ciantar on July 21, 2017 at 12:57 am

    I could relate to a lot of what you have been through on your journey. Congratulations on taking action and pursuing a life you and your children deserve. Here is the link to my blog

  6. Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch on August 1, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Dear Craig & Jenny- this journey of yours is pretty amazing and indeed similar to how JT impacted our lives–but we are just getting started with JT Foxx and his organization. You both are so inspirational and we would love to meet you hopefully in person in LA in November 2017! Christian will be interviewing Al Pacino-but first we will be heading to JT’s house in August to Florida. Thank you also for leaving a comment on my blog! (

    • Craig and Jenny D on August 2, 2017 at 1:21 am

      We will definitely look forward to meeting you in November in LA. Look forward to seeing the interview! Have fun at JT”S house. We will be with Damien at our 2nd UBR in August and are really looking forward to going back!

  7. susanne bateman on August 1, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    What a great read! Congratulations on all your success. Here is the link to my blog

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