Stripped Down To My Bare Beauty

Written through “The Process”​ with Dave Austin, By Jenny D STRIPPED DOWN TO MY BARE BEAUTY The following is an inspiration for you to reflect internally finding the inner strength and guidance you need to move forward with the latest chapter you are writing in your life. When you proceed to quickly into your next…

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The Moment That Changes Your Life Forever

The Two Most Important Days Of Your Life Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  The question is, have you yet had the day where you find out why? Often times, we may not even recognize at…

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Gifts To Truly Share Your Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, but so often we end up giving our loved one a gift that represents anything but true love… What if we could change all of that and this year finally give gifts that respect the health and wellness of our loved one, help us truly connect with each other…

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I Don’t Have Enough Time Is Your Biggest Excuse

I don’t have enough time is a limiting belief that is holding you back The old world of thinking is time management. The new world thinking is energy management. Would you agree that we have all said, “I ran out of time.” or “I don’t have enough time.”? It’s etched in our vocabulary. They roll off…

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Hitting The Reset Button

How many of you hit the reset button on January 1? We are talking about the New Years resolutions. Now here is the follow-up question…how many of you are still following those resolutions? We waited for a little over 30 days from the new year to ask these questions so you can think a little…

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What’s Cooking In Our Summer Kitchen?

What’s Cooking  In Our Summer Kitchen? Summer is in the air and the farmers market is open which means a delightful trip every Saturday morning to see what the local Amish farmers have brought to us for the week. This weeks delight was a bunch of beautifully purplish red beets with healthy bright greens on…

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