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Total Immersion Retreat

How we show up is a direct reflection of who we surround ourselves with, and so we will arrive as strangers and leave as family. Not only will your embrace your personal power by doing the groundwork to take control of your life, but you will become part of our tribe that will become lifelong friends, accountability partners and a critical support system in your journey. Connect and transform at our 3-day immersion retreat with like-minded individuals that have prioritized themselves so that they can show up better every day.


LIFE MasterY Retreat

Our intensive 5-day master level retreat held in partnership with world-renowned performance coach, Dave Austin, will take you on a deep dive into creating a life by design that you fall deeper in love with every day. As a former world-ranked tennis player, Dave is known for achieving championship results with his client base of players and coaches in the NFL, MLB, ATP, Olympic athletes as well as Fortune 100 and 500 companies and now it is your turn! We have created this unique experience combining wellness, high-performance mindset coaching and rejuvenation for maximum impact. The event will be held on the private estate* of Dave and his family in Utah, creating a lifetime of memories for those that join us.


Personal Coaching Day

This is your opportunity to spend the day one-on-one with Craig and Jenny. The day will take place in our home or yours, whichever you prefer. This full day of coaching will be customized specifically for you to break through the limits that are most affecting you in your life right now. Once purchased, we will email you to schedule a call to finalize your date and location.


Master Class

Join Craig and Jenny in their home for a two-day small group Master Class. Each class is capped at six people so that you can get the one-on-one attention needed to experience a massive impact. During the two days, we will cover all three critical aspects required to “Show Up” your best each day: movement, nutrition, and mindset. Once purchased we will email you to schedule a call to finalize your choice of dates. We welcome significant others to join you at this event. Please contact us and request a call for special pricing.

What You Can Expect

We Identify & Remove Barriers to Your Personal & Professional Growth.

Are you ready to EVOLVE into your unrealized potential? At Craig & Jenny D, our mission is to elevate how you show up, disrupt your limits & guide you in designing a strategy to create the quality of life you desire, putting even your most wild dreams within reach.

We hand-craft every event and have found that our events have influenced thousands of people around the globe.


your power. Clarify your mission, vision, and purpose to live a life of fulfillment.


and live a life you love and deserve. Design your own reality and take action.


your stress levels and eliminate toxicity by identifying and organizing your mental and emotional clutter.


inspiration, passion for life,  and love. Now is the time to re-ignite your child-like vitality, creativity, and curiosity.

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Better People. Better Performance. Better Results. 

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Executive Retreats

The bottom line starts at the top! Your employees' results are only as good as the capacity of the individual members and how they show up each day. This is often a direct reflection of the executive team. Elevate team performance and improve culture leading to increased revenues through transformation, connection and energy management. We first take your team on a journey of individual development to gather personal clarity and confidence, improve energy and wellness, and eliminate personal roadblocks affecting job performance. Next we breakthrough barriers of the team dynamics creating increased synergy, productivity and performance. Each event will be customized to the needs of your group.


Corporate Consulting

Quality, performance and profits start at the core of your people! Access the untapped potential within your current team members to help them achieve their succession plan, improve performance and increase profitability. Each employee must show up every day focused and energized with access to their full capacity to perform. Success demands a culture of synergy, respect, effective communication and wellness. Through our customize-able programs, we develop a unique program for your organization to increase the performance capacity of each individual, reduce sick days, improve productivity and elevate job satisfaction, leading to increased revenues, reduced costs and lower turnover.


Conference Impact Solutions & Keynote Presentations

Motivation is no longer good enough for your conferences...You need DISRUPTION and INSPIRATION leading to RESULTS! Our full-service, dynamic conferences services give you options to cover every aspect of conference planning to increase the alertness, retention rates, and application of content, making a powerful IMPACT.  No more tired, distracted attendees resulting in poor execution upon leaving the conference.

Need a speaker that brings results? Our powerful keynotes, will disrupt and inspire your audience to get them to take action leading to desired results. Customized for the audience, we will guide them through recognizing the challenge faced today and exactly what it means for them personally. Next, they will be led along the journey to discover the specific action that is needed to avoid the potential pain facing them and discover the pleasure that awaits upon action. While motivation creates a feeling, disruption creates an action!


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Do you have a vision of bringing your clients and prospects together for a luxurious retreat to share your expertise? 

A retreat can be one of the most rewarding experiences that your brand offers, enhancing your brand reputation and creating brand advocates, or it can destroy the brand reputation you have worked so hard to build.

In order to keep your clients coming back for more, EVERY DETAIL COUNTS!


When it comes to retreats, the best content in the world (which of course you have) is JUST ONE of the many details that you have to consider. 

OPTIMIZE your guests' experience with:

  • Luxurious accommodations with privacy, tranquility & socialization
  • Readily available, nutritious, high-quality, delicious food that keeps them energized & focused
  • Customized agenda creation for a perfect balance of learning, integration, & relaxation
  • Opportunities for self care including exercise & relaxation
  • Unforgettable moments of organized outings & team building for increased connection & variety
  • Transportation arrangements to take the worry & stress out of travel

This may seem obvious, but it is far too uncommon in the industry. We have personally attended and asked clients of so many retreats that deliver amazing content, but fail to deliver or one or more of the details above, leaving the clients dissatisfied and looking for new solutions for their needs.

Now you have the solution you need to prevent dissatisfied clients after all the hard work that you put into your retreat. At Retreats Re-Imagined we will execute on every single detail that is important to you and the ones that we know are important to your guests.



Schedule a session today with Craig & Jenny D to get you on the right path. There are many challenges in life and business, and you shouldn't be expected to know all the answers. You be the expert in your field and bring us in to be in the expert in ours.  We will show you that you're not alone, and there are easy steps out of your current struggles.

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