Emotional Empowerment

“Happiness is not a result of success, success is a result of happiness."

~ Craig and Jenny D

We spent most of our lives thinking and believing that what happens to us is some sort of random occurrence and that most things are based on luck or somehow due to the actions of other people or situations that are outside of our control.


The power for change lies within YOU!

Don't worry
it's much easier than it seems

Every decision that you make every day is based on your underlying belief systems.

Most of the time we do not even think about what these belief systems are, but they are just running in the background of our subconscious influencing how we react to what is going on around us and impacting the decisions that we make.

You have made many great decisions in your life and you probably have also made decisions that haven’t led you exactly where you want to go. We all have fears, unmet needs, or thought patterns that control our decision-making and we can help you change that pattern.

Emotional Empowerment

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Emotional Stability

Emotional Stability

All of the improvements that we have made to our life and health have been from our transformational work to create emotional empowerment. We didn’t get lucky, and no one gave us anything. We worked with our transformational coach to look honestly at ourselves and release our limiting belief systems that were holding us back from health, happiness and success.

It has taken us from being reliant on unsecure employment to having the confidence to start our own business helping others. We have changed our belief systems around money to attract money into our lives instead of trying to control the outflow of money.

Our marriage is stronger than we ever imagined it could be by learning how to take personal responsibility for how we react to the other person’s actions instead of blaming them for something they have done that upset us.

We are able to make sustainable changes in exercise and nutrition by changing our mindset and recognizing and eliminating the belief systems that were impacting our behavior in these areas.

Our frequency of illness and aches and pains has diminished significantly by understanding the emotional components and how they relate to the condition of our physical body so that we can address the emotional component to help heal the physical.

If you change your mind, you can change your life!

The power of our emotions is limitless and can work for us or against us. The power is in knowing how to control it.

Craig and Jenny
How to Unleash Your Inner Power

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