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Leading personal health, happiness, & success

Craig and Jenny D provide practical and purposeful strategies designed for you to achieve the ideal version of yourself.

Many talk about balance in their lives, but we know first hand that you must seek to understand the secrets to re-building your foundations before you can balance them. We will teach you our secrets to movement, nutrition and mindset.

Personalized Coaching

Personalized Coaching

Energizing your body is the key to overall wellness. What would it mean to you if you were more productive and fully engaged all day? 

Movement, Nutrition and Mindset systems personalized for you, will create sustainable life-long results.

Are yo ready to take your life to the next level? We will guide you on your journey.

Wellness Consulting

Wellness Consulting

Let us empower your team or clients to discover the secrets to a life full of health, happiness and success. No matter how large or small your group is, energized and engaged employees or clients will take your business to another level.

Our keynote presentations and program focus on our three system model that use movement, nutrition and mindset to soar to new levels.

Corporate Program Development Coach

Corporate Program Development Coach

Image your employees were to learn how and why a healthy lifestyle is important to them and you. 

With this collaboration, the employee and employer would both benefit. Healthy and happy employee means the competition better watch out.

Up Level Your Norm Radio Show

Catch our contagious energy every other Wednesday from 6 - 7 AM EST on Ex-Pat Radio!

Tune in each show for FREE guidance that will Up Level Your Norm. Join us as we feature special guests from around the world to share their secrets, only on Up Level Your Norm with Craig and Jenny D. 


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Damien Elston, CEO, Elston Enterprises, Fort Myers, FL

Velody, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Manchester, UK

Christine(Seale)Nielsen, Business Coach, Toronto, Canada

Jason Evers, Business Coach, Ft Myers, FL

Jeff Klubeck, Business Coach, San Diego, CA

Cate Williams, Owner, Your Life No Regrets, New Zealand

The Three Pillars of Empowerment

Take a stand for the life you deserve! Learn what we have: the secrets to building a foundation of health, happiness, and success.

Craig and Jenny

Feel energized and empowered to live each day to the fullest.


Experience renewed vitality while enjoying food you love.


Soar through each day with happiness, calm and serenity.

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Our Story

Take a stand for the life you deserve. We sure did!

We have spent countless time and money to educate ourselves on these concepts to build our foundation and to better the lives of everyone we know.

Let us help you build yours at a fraction of the cost.

Giving Back In The Community

At Craig and Jenny D our vision is to



In order to fulfill our vision, we must reach those less fortunate to bring them opportunities to experience a healthy lifestyle as well.

That is why we partner with Golden Wing Helping Hands, who provide care packages for the homeless people in Chicago, to bring concentrated whole food nutrition to the care packs.

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How to Unleash Your Inner Power

Take the First Step

No matter your age or stage in life, our program will help you soar to the life you deserve.

Our E-Book will give you a small taste of the life, health, happiness and success that we can help you achieve. It will show you that by making gradual, sustainable changes and understanding the benefits, you are able to become empowered in all three areas to make better choices for a lifetime.

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