Physical Empowerment

“Love and Respect your body; It is the only one you will ever have.”

~ Craig and Jenny D

Physical empowerment is much more than the exercise routine you are following. Physical empowerment looks at all aspects of your physical body and is based on your personal goals and ambitions. It encompasses three critical parts: awareness, movement and self-care.

Craig and Jenny


As we have experienced in our personal journey, awareness is the first critical piece.

We found that many times you may look good on the outside, but you are not well on the inside. You can’t see what is going on inside your body, so you must pay close attention to the signs and symptoms your body is giving you along the way. We learned this first hand in 2012 when Coach Jenny’s physical abilities were stripped away because she was missing the awareness piece to physical empowerment. You must become aware to give your body the love and respect it deserves.

There are endless questions that you can ask yourself in regards to your physical awareness and how your lifestyle influences how you feel. More than likely you don’t ever pay close enough attention to your body to know the real answers.

Here are some examples of the basic questions about awareness:

What lifestyle choices can you make that give you relief from your physical ailments?
What is your body’s physical response to stress?
What activities make you feel energized?
What lifestyle choices are influencing the quality of your sleep?


Sustainable, enjoyable routines are critical when it comes to movement.

We are not here to recommend that you begin an intense workout program or run a marathon unless you want to. We are here to help guide you to find forms of movement that are enjoyable and effective for you as an individual and that will be beneficial in achieving your physical goals. Committing to a routine that is unenjoyable causes additional stress which is damaging to our physical body and it will not be sustainable for the long term.

Sustainability is critical and it is a result of implementing routines that are enjoyable. Like us, you have probably tried many exercise programs for a short time and quit within a few short months because you are bored, the program is too challenging, you don’t have the time or you haven’t seen results.

Self Care Techniques

Self Care

Let’s work together to determine what empowers you!

Self-care techniques are instrumental in stress relief and pain management. We have tried many different tools over the years and have learned that the most effective tools are the ones that you enjoy, because those are the ones that you will do! Self-care can involve stretching, massage, joint flossing, soaking baths, and use of essential oils, just to name a few.

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We know what works for us, but we are not here to push that on you. Our mission is to help guide you to greater awareness within your physical body and to create enjoyable, sustainable movement and self-care routines that will help you to feel physically empowered.

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