Nutritional Empowerment

“Feed your body to fuel your life.”

~ Craig and Jenny D


It takes steps
To fix fixations

We love food and drink as much as anyone and so we are not here to tell you to stop eating and drinking the things you love. As a matter of fact, when we first learned the tremendous impact that the food we were eating had on our bodies, our response was, Well, we would rather die than give up this food and drink we love (especially pizza, cheese and wine).

That was an easy response when we were feeling healthy. When I ended up sick, our story suddenly changed and all that we learned suddenly became important to us. We made gradual changes that allowed us to achieve maximum energy, reach and maintain ideal body weight, sleep better, and crave the foods our bodies need.

You have your own personal preferences and eating habits and we want to help you! It is important to us to help you understand how you can improve your nutrition and then empower you through education to make food choices that will help you to achieve better health.


Begin your own journey with The Three Pillars of Success

Let us help you take the overwhelm out of life to find personal empowerment.

Balance your Nutrition
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Guides to Physical Well-being

Who said you have to give up everything you love?


Did you know that the emotional stress of not ever consuming the foods and drinks you love so much can be just as damaging, if not more than, consuming the food? We live by the 80/20 rule in order to eat to live, but also enjoy those foods we love so much! Let us teach you to do the same thing so that you can “have your cake and eat it too!"

Nutritional empowerment comes from making smart, gradual, sustainable changes to your diet. Fad diets, going cold turkey on the foods you love, and quick fix weight loss diets are not the keys to nutritional empowerment. We believe that you will find more success by focusing on adding more of the foods your body needs instead of focusing on cutting out the harmful foods.

Let us guide you on this process and before you know it the beneficial foods will be front and center in your diet and you will be enjoying them! Nutritional empowerment is not about weight loss but about fueling your body with the proper nutrients to keep your body in optimal health. In many cases, this will help you to achieve an ideal weight for your body that will be sustainable and you will feel good doing it!

Nutritional Support to invigorate and Heal

  Hate veggies? Hate fruit? Too busy to find fresh food? Traveling and can’t access fruits and veggies? Can’t get your kids to eat fruits and veggies? We can help you with that too! It is not uncommon to have these problems! Did you know that you can actually train your body to have a taste preference for fruits and vegetables?

Visit our store to learn more about JuicePlus+ and how you can utilize concentrated fruits and vegetables to bridge the gap between what your body needs every day and what you can give it without stressing over where to find your 13 servings per day. We can also help you with healthy, tasty meals and snacks on the go with the JuicePlus+ Complete product line. JuicePlus+ is a critical component to our family’s health.

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Our E-Book will give you a small taste of the life, health, happiness and success that we can help you achieve. It will show you that by making gradual, sustainable changes and understanding the benefits, you are able to become empowered in all three areas to make better choices for a lifetime.

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