I don’t have enough time is a limiting belief that is holding you back

The old world of thinking is time management. The new world thinking is energy management.

Would you agree that we have all said, “I ran out of time.” or “I don’t have enough time.”? It’s etched in our vocabulary. They roll off our tongues so easily.

What we need to do is call it what it is. Its a lack of discipline, willpower, commitment, sacrifice, action or goals. Repeat these sentences, “I ran out of discipline.”, “I ran out of willpower.”, “I don’t have enough of goals.”, “I don’t have commitment.”. Do those sound right? It kind of feels uncomfortable?

That is what not having enough times truly means. We need to change the way we are thinking. We need to stop making excuses.

What we are truly doing is lying to ourselves when we use time as an excuse. This is where coaching and accountability come into play. It is hard to be accountable to ourselves, but when you have someone that makes you accountable the opportunities are endless.


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