How many of you enjoy wine? We enjoy ours! Even if you are not a wine drinker this secret that wine growers use will help you and you can pass it along to your children.

If you have ever been to a winery there seem to be endless rows of grapevines flowing so perfectly together like a symphony. The science, love, and care are very much put together like a symphony to grow the finest grapes in the world.

If you have ever tasted a fabulous glass of wine, it has so many flavors that hit your pallet and burst into your mouth. There is a lot that goes into making an exquisite wine. We are not here to tell all of that because we just don’t know. We are here to tell you something so simple, so profound that you will get it right away. It will have an impact on how you view life.


Let us explain. Some of the flavors you get from the grapes are because of the flavors the roots pulled from the earth. The deeper the roots go, the more complex the grapes can be. Just like if you were to explore a cave, the deeper you go the more in awe you are.

All wineries have an irrigation system. They have a very controlled drip system. If you give the roots too much water, the roots get lazy and they come up to the surface. The smart growers know this and they only give the vines what they need to survive. What will happen is the roots will continue to go down and down into the ground to find water to survive. This will draw in more complex flavors from the earth and minerals that will, in turn, make a delicious grape.

The moral of the story is very simple and this is why I brought kids into this…if you give your kids all they want they will become lazy, but if you give them enough to survive they will learn to stretch themselves in many ways. These ways will make them a more well rounded human being.

How this applies to you is also simple. If you try a new exercise program or diet it generally takes you to the extreme. You take way to much in at once. This will not help you grow to you finest potential. You need a sustainable plan of attack just like the wine growers.

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