The Two Most Important Days Of Your Life

Mark Twain once said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."  The question is, have you yet had the day where you find out why? Often times, we may not even recognize at the moment when it happens, but not to worry, it will become crystal clear to us over the course of time if we are open to seeing it.


My Disappearing Smile

I remember the day like it was yesterday, July 4, 2012. Craig and I had been married now for a little over two years. Our youngest and newest addition to our family of seven was just one and a half years old. I literally had "everything" I had asked for.


During the several years leading up to this point, we had much turbulence in our lives. It started with a job loss that created a financial struggle for us and continued with the stress of blending two families together with five children, ensuring everyone received the love and support they were in need of and financial obligations of child support and alimony. Needless to say, our relationship became pretty rocky at times as well pulled it all together.


I turned my focus towards managing my stress levels with excessive exercise and control of my nutrition (a lingering pattern from my days as an anorexic). I truly believed at the time that what I was doing to my body was a healthy way to control my stress levels of our family and financial situation.


On July 4, 2012, we headed out the door with our youngest daughter for a much-needed family trip to Washington DC with plans to enjoy the festivities and celebrations for the 4th of July and spend the weekend relaxing.


As we arrived in DC and checked into our hotel, I recall that I was not feeling my best. We soon left the hotel and ventured out to find some lunch and during our walk, I began feeling sicker and sicker with a headache and stomach cramping. I continued on to the restaurant for lunch, but chose not to eat and after lunch made the decision that I was too sick to walk the town and would go rest in the hotel while they enjoyed DC for the day.


The next 24 hours I was in pain and misery in the hotel, a feeling of a cross between the worst stomach virus I ever had and food poisoning. On July 5th, I began feeling a bit better and assumed that I was on the mend and would be back to myself in no time.


That hope quickly began to fade as day after day, new symptoms would arise that kept me from living my active life with my family the way I wanted to. From relentless itching of the skin over my entire body, severe joint pain, digestive distress, and weight loss, the next 18 months were nothing short of miserable.


By the time November of 2013 was upon us, I had lost 25% of my body weight and spent a good part of 18 months unable to leave the house due to my illness, was forced to resign from my job as an instructor at the National Personal Training Institute and could not have fun and enjoy life with my husband and kids. I spent my days seeing doctors, visiting the emergency room and having medical testing done to determine what was happening to my body.


I recall clearly my very last doctor appointment that November. I was sitting on the table in the Gastro-Intestinal doctor's office, crying and begging him to stop the weight loss because I was scared I was going to die. I can still see the look on his face when he threw his hands in the air and looked me with a gaze of dispair and said "I don't know how else to help you because I can't find anything wrong with you."


The day that everything changed

Feeling lost and alone that day, I remember contemplating in my own mind what direction I was going to take in my life. I had a choice to go home and live this way or to take action and find my own answers. The decision only took an instant for me to make, as I had spent months now crying and asking for answers so that I could begin living my life again with my family and participating in life with my husband and kids.


You see, my WHY was strong! I knew what I wanted! There was no way that I was going to allow whatever this was to control me and steal another moment of my life from me! I was determined to find another answer.


A friend of mine who was a survivor of Stage 4 Lymphoma, had just recently talked to me about attending a natural healing center with her for a week to see if they could provide any solutions for my condition. This very day, I called her and began making the phone calls to schedule our trip together.


I recall the very first conversation that I had with the lady on the phone as it changed my life forever. THIS WAS THE DAY THAT I KNEW WHY I WAS BORN!


The conversation rings in my head like it was yesterday. I was walking through the store shopping while on the phone with her. Her name was Caroline and she was walking me through the process of what would take place at the healing center. They were going to cleanse my body thoroughly from the inside out to allow me to once again absorb nutrition from my food to stop the weight loss and eliminate the pain. This was going to be done through a variety of treatments including a liquid, raw, vegan diet, daily colonics, lymphatic massage, rebounding sessions and other movement programs, as well as detoxification in infrared saunas and clay baths.  Sounded amazing!


The next thing Caroline said, made no sense to me at the moment but has changed my life and the lives of thousands of others whose lives we have touched from that very moment forward. Caroline said, "You can come here and we can heal you from the inside out, but if you do not do the mindset work to change how you are thinking and the way you are handling your stress, you are going to go home and get sick all over again, immediately!" Not knowing what to say, I reluctantly took the phone number of the woman, Bev, she wanted me to set up an appointment with and called her to set an appointment immediately.



a New life emerges

Fast forward two weeks from this conversation with Caroline and I am sitting in NYC, having my first phone session with Bev. I was blindsided by the learning that I had that day and the understanding that I received of how my thoughts were impacting my health condition. Her background as an RN, having spent many years in the medical community, allowed her to explain all of this to me from a scientific perspective helping me to grasp the concepts that were foreign to me at the time.


I recall clearly that after just a 90-minute phone call with her, I felt that the weight of the world had lifted off of my shoulders. I was able to see the world differently in so many ways. The healing had begun already!


The following month, I went to the healing center with my friend for 7 days. The healing and cleansing was a phenomenal experience and was so effective in renewing my body that I was able to gain back five pounds just in those few days and then continue to heal upon returning home.


The most important part of all of this for me was the new understanding of exactly what was going on within my body at a cellular level as a result of my nutrition, movement, and mindset. There was a clear understanding that true physical health required a proper consideration of all three.


What was not clear at that moment was the ongoing, constantly expanding results that we were going to see in all areas of our lives with the mindset work that we were doing. Over the course of the next 12 months, Craig and I both began digging deeper and deeper into the mindset area, doing research, digging deep into our own lives, looking at our patterns of behavior, reaction and response.


We quickly began to see our lives change in so many fantastic ways. My health was fully restored. The stress of our finances began to ease. Our relationship became stronger and peaceful. We discovered more patience with our children and found the good in all situations. We used the challenges we faced for growth opportunity instead of something to complain about. We began inspiring others to look at the world differently. Our energy levels soared! We had new levels of confidence in ourselves that we could accomplish anything and were excited and willing to take risks knowing we could help others.




In a nutshell, everything had changed. It was as if we had thrown a pebble into a still pond. The water was not just disrupted at the site where the pebble crossed the surface, but waves were created, disturbing every molecule of water within the pond, reaching to the farthest edges of the shore. This was the impact on our lives from looking within.


We were finally FREE! The world was no longer happening to us! We finally took control of our own lives and took responsibility for everything in them. When this happens, there is no stress because you know that you are in a position of power in your own life! There is no greater sense of freedom than this!


This discovery is where Craig and Jenny D was born. We knew that we needed to share these concepts with the world to guide others to access their full potential personally and professionally. No matter the levels of success you have had up to this point until you have engaged in personalized systems of mindset, movement, and nutrition, there is more for you to access. You see we are limited by our own personal physical and emotional energy and stamina in all areas of our lives.


As we identify current patterns and create new personalized systems, we can expand our growth exponentially in anything and everything we are seeking in our lives. You have this power within you and we can guide you to access it!


At Craig and Jenny D, we not only help your smile reappear but to make it shine through bigger and brighter than ever before and remain with you, in your control, FOREVER!






  1. Lynne peyton on April 24, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    What an amazing example you are Jen!
    Your story is so raw and yet anyone who knows you now could not believe that you had ever been so low physically and emotionally
    Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring so many others to get up from under their perceived burdens and find their way home to their true purpose.
    Lynne Peyton (Ireland)

    • Craig and Jenny D on April 25, 2018 at 12:50 am

      Lynne, Thank you for your thoughts! I believe that the best way for all of us to help others is to be truly authentic and share our story just as it is. This is the best way for us to give others the support and encouragement they need to escape their current situation and find a way forward. We all have the power to change right within us if we have the right guidance and are willing to dig deep inside to find it. The more people we can help the better place the world will be for all. Sending much love to you! Jenny

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