Written through "The Process"​ with Dave Austin, By Jenny D


The following is an inspiration for you to reflect internally finding the inner strength and guidance you need to move forward with the latest chapter you are writing in your life.
When you proceed to quickly into your next chapter you will often make costly mistakes in your haste. Stripping back to your core will create alignment and clarity for you in your next steps. 

I AM stripped down to my bare branches to stand in a place of my greatest strength.

Just as the shrub outside that is bare of all leaves has been trimmed back, it is sturdy and strong that it can not even be moved by the icy winter winds.

My power lies in shedding the weight of my old branches, allowing me to be protected by my internal strength.

No storm, snow, ice or wind can cause damage.


I AM solid down to my core.

As I come out of this season where I have allowed myself to become dormant, new growth will appear that is perfectly beautiful for the next season in my life.

I would not be able to experience this without first shedding the old leaves and trimming the faded branches from the last season.


My core and roots, who I AM, remains the same.

I lie dormant and harnessing the energy to produce new growth in the coming season.

Each branch does not yet know exactly how it will form and what it will look like but it starts with one tiny bud that transforms on step at a time.

Just as a flower that blooms too early in spring will wilt and die in a late-season snowstorm, my efforts put forth when I should lie dormant, will not be fruitful, but strip me of the energy I need to blossom in the warmth of spring.


I rejoice in this time and place where I AM within my greatest power.

I embrace being dormant until the season begins to shift and I can sustain the new growth that is waiting to come from within me.


 A special thanks go out to my friend and mentor Dave Austin, Founder of Extreme Focus and Author of "Be A Beast", for bringing these beautiful insights out of my mind and into words of wisdom during his exercise called "The Process". I am forever grateful for the wisdom you have shared with me and brought into my reality.


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