The Renewal


Spring Renewal

Just as the earth is in a time of spring renewal, so to are your spiritual and physical bodies.

Embrace with gratitude the energy of Mother Earth that is being offered to you for the taking.

The beauty in every sunrise and sunset...

The colorful blossoms on the trees...

The brilliant colors of the spring flowers...

All of these are your personal invitation.

Step out, walk barefoot and bath in this energy of renewal.

It is a time to grow.

It is a time to love.

All of your growth shall be done in love, not in greed, jealousy or envy, not for what you will gain, only for the gift you will give to others.

Give the gifts willingly from your open, loving heart and everything you need to flourish will be provided to you.

With love & peace,



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  1. Werner Berger on April 22, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    Beautiful, heart warming words to live by!

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