Do you spend the better part of your day judging or being curious when looking at yourself, others and situations? I asked myself this question I came up with somewhat of an interesting answer. When I was really being honest with myself, I realized that I was more judgmental than I thought. I personally didn't like that and I wanted to seek out the answer why. When I thought about judging I understood that there is no middle ground. When you judge its either good or bad, right or wrong. In almost all cases why would I limit myself like that? There is no growth and it's a fixed mindset. With this realization I chose to change and with this change came the answers I was looking for for my greatest growth. 

Let's get an example to help you with the process.  Imagine you did not complete a task on time or you didn't get the sale. What goes through your mind? It may sound like this...that was dumb, I knew better, how could I mess that up, how does that person do it so well. Do you see how this turns into an inside battle with yourself? 

Think about the next time you do something that you don’t like and you judge yourself or when you see someone do something you put judgment on. Take a breathe, stop and ask yourself why am I judging. When you start doing that you will become curious. When you become curious, oh the imagination and answers you will come up with. This is where your fixed mindset starts growing and you start realizing how silly it was to judge. You get answers that you have been seeking for a long time.

A final word I will leave you with...why are kids so much fun and we love to watch them...because they are curious. Take time to be curious!

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